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Screening Program Start-up Kit

Includes screening guidelines, teaching files, sample pamphlets, intake and reporting forms, and other practical tips.


Ormylia Publications:

Contributing Author

  European guidelines for quality assurance in breast cancer screening and diagnosis, 4th Edition.

  European Communities, Belgium 2006.

  Download PDF Version Part1 (Cover Page)  Part2 (e-book).        ISBN: 92-79-01258-4



Contributing Author

   European guidelines for quality assurance in cervical cancer screening, Second Edition.

   European Communities, Belgium 2008.

   Download PDF Version Part1 (Cover Page) Part2 (e-book).         ISBN: 978-92-79-07698-5



Breast Health Global Initiative

"Breast Cancer in Limited-Resource Countries: An Overview of the Breast Health Global Initiative 2005 Guidelines"

European Journal of Cancer

"Correlates of high-density mammographic parenchymal patterns by menopausal status in a rural population in Northern Greece." PDF file.

The Breast Journal

"Experiences of Breast Cancer Survivor-Advocates and Advocates in Countries with Limited Resources: A Shared Journey in Breast Cancer Advocacy."


Ormylia Pamphlets and Pamphlet-Writing Materials

Through the generous support of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the Center was able to translate the Radiology Chapter of The European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Mammography Screening (3th Edition)


Breast Care Awareness Pamphlets

These pamphlets were developed through the generous support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation as a means to reach out to underprivileged immigrant populations in Greece and to raise breast care awareness among socially and economically disadvantaged women from countries such as Albania, China, Poland and Russia. These pamphlets are open to the public and can be freely downloaded and distributed.







Public Health and Hygiene Awareness Pamphlet

These pamphlets were sponsored by Hellenic Aid for minority populations in Greece.










Designing Print Materials: A Communications Guide for Breast Cancer Screening (NCI, NIH 2007)
A NEW International Cancer Screening Network Publication. National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA

This practical guide, developed to improve the quality of information provided by breast cancer screening programs to consumers, is a result of collaborative efforts by the International Cancer Screening Network (ICSN). This effort began with ICSN discussions in Montpellier, France (2002) on the important role of communication as part of the screening process, the advances in research on communication and decision-making tools, and the need to summarize these informational materials and tools being used internationally by breast cancer screening programs to communicate with women about mammography.

Designing Print Materials describes the essential tasks involved in designing print materials including planning, audience assessment, message and materials testing and assists the user in identifying appropriate communications medium for maximizing audience reach. The guide offers a summary of informational materials and decision tools used internationally by breast cancer screening programs to communicate with women about mammography. Additional valuable resources found in the guide include the dos and donts of materials development, planning worksheets and checklists and references.

Guide are available as: Color PDF (4.5 MB)  & Black & White PDF (2.9 MB)


Tips for Implementing Breast Cancer Screening

"Recruiting women for breast screening. Family Physician Model strategy," Can Fam Physician, 1997.

"Expanding the Delivery of Clinical Preventive Services Through Community Collaboration: The SPARC Model," Prev Chronic Dis., 2008.

"Increasing Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening in Low-Income Women," J Gen Intern Med., 1998.

"Implementing Recommendations for the Early Detection of Breast and Cervical Cancer Among Low-Income Women," National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control. MMWR, 2000.

"Rural Physicians' Perspectives on Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening: A Gender-Based Analysis," Journal of Women's Health and Gender Based Medicine, 2001.

"Organizational Change: A Case Study in Implementing a Breast Cancer Screening Clinic," Academy of Health Sciences (Army).

"Implementing academic detailing for breast cancer screening in underserved communities," Implementation Science, 2007.

"3 Improving Breast Cancer Screening Services," Saving Women's Lives: Strategies for Improving Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis, 2005 (63-122).

"Breast Self-Exam"


Medical Journals Available Online For Free


For a comprehensive list of journal available online, please visit:

HighWire Press  &   Free Medical Journals

Science  (Abstracts, table of contents free. Articles free after 12 months with registration)

Annals of Family Medicine (All articles free)

Annals of Internal Medicine (Articles free after 6 months)

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy  (Articles free after 3 months)

Breast (All articles free)

British Medical Journal  (Articles free after 12 months)

CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians (All articles free)

Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention (Articles free after 12 months)

Cancer Prevention Research  (All articles free until January 2009)

Cell (Articles free after 12 months)

Clinical Cancer Research (Articles free after 12 months)

International Journal for Quality in Health Care (Articles free after 12 months)

Journal of the American Medical Association  (Articles free after 12 months)

Journal of Clinical Oncology (Articles free after 12 months)

Journal of National Cancer Institute (Articles free after 12 months)

Nature (Abstracts all free, select articles free)

New England Journal of Medicine (Certain articles free after 6 months)


Other Resources

For more resources, please visit:

100 Web Resources for Medical Professionals

American Cancer Society (Information, research, news, other resources)

American Society of Clinical Oncology (Abstracts, resources, news)

Cancer Council (Cancer topics, training, guidelines, research, resources)

Cancer Network (News, articles)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Health topics, publications, resources)

Doctors Guide (News, webcasts, cases)

eMedicine (from WebMD) (Medical journals, online physician reference textbooks, articles)

GoPubMed  (Search engine for biomedical texts)

Health Finder  (Health guides, prevention, drug interactions)

Mayo Clinic (Diseases and conditions, drugs and supplements, treatment)

MDLinx  (Journals, articles)

MedicineNet (News, diseases and conditions, signs and symptoms, procedures and tests, medications, dictionary)

MedLine Plus (provided by NIH) (Health topics, drugs and supplements, medical encyclopedia, dictionary, news, other resources)

MedScape (from WebMD) (Medical articles, CME activities, news, resource centers, reports from conferences, discussions)

National Cancer Institute (News, cancer topics)

National Institutes of Health (Health information, clinical trials, research highlights)

OncoLink (Cancer types, treatment, clinical trials, resources, news)

US Preventive Services Task Force (Guidelines, screening recommendations.)

WebMD (News, health topics, drugs and treatments)

World Health Organization (News, health topics, research)


Continuing Medical Education Resources


Entire List




Tips for Writing Proposals and Publications


Basic Tips for Fundraising for Small NGOs in Developing Countries (PDF)



Proposal Writing Advice

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal

Citing Medicine: The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers

Database of Author Instructions (for prospective paper publication) for over 3500 health and life science journals

Electronic Publishing and Digital Scholarship Information

Grant Writing Tips and Samples

Penn State: Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students

For more information and links, see here


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